This play is a one-act, about an hour in legnth (an hour fifteen, depending), and my favourite.  It centres around the events of a weekend in the country home of Richard.  He invites six of his friends for a relaxing time only to have them discover a dead body under the couch.  Explaining this play is rather difficult.  It is not s murder mystery, nor is it A Weekend at Bernie's sort of romp with a dead body (although such romps I agree are very enjoyable).  The body is disposed of easily, and it is established that Richard did indeed do it , but with very good reason, all within the first ten minutes of the play.  What follows is more of an examination of artists and their egos.  And we watch as each character blindly influences the others to hilarious and disturbing results.  Claiming a play is a dark comedy is a bad idea as in this day and age there seem to be few other kinds.  Nonetheless, I have no simpler way of describing this play.  I have only left to add that there is, for your entertainment, much blood, a bit of music, and, of course, turkey.
On a side note, the seven characters in the play are based on my fellow students in my playwriting class with Djanet Sears at the University of Toronto; The Actress, The Businessman, The Director, The Housewife, The Poet, The Professor, and Richard.
A Weekend in the Country
Toronto                Edinburgh

A Weekend in the Country at Summerworks Theatre Festival 2007 was a smash hit!
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