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Romeo and Juliet, Tempest Theatre               

A Weekend in the Country, Summerworks Theatre Festival

A Weekend in the Country, Edinburgh Festival Fringe       

A Weekend in the Country, Killer Kat Productions in Association with The Roofwalker Lab

Alice in Wonderland, Ontario School of Ballet               

Cornelius Dragon, The Georgian Theatre Festival Young

A Midsummer Night
's Dream, Bubble Productions (co-directed
with Carrie English)


The Georgian Theatre Festival Young Company:

Seven Stories - Scott Maudsley
Oliver Twist - Scott Maudsley
Freaky Kid Stories - Christopher Brauer
Around the World - Christopher Brauer
Antigone - Pat Sutton
Christopher Columbus - Pat Sutton
Directing was something that grew out of necessity for me.  In our third and fourth years as Drama Majors in High School, we were taught the basic skills and then sent off to direct our peers.  I enjoyed it a lot, but, at the time, directing remained part of a whole learning process of how to become a better actor and not an end in and of itself.  It wasn't until I was given more responsibility with The Georgian Theatre Festival that I realized my aptitude for it.  And then in my first year at University, when directing a show sort of fell into my lap, I realized that not only was I good at it, but darn it, I really liked doing it as well!  I have spent all my life focusing on acting, but now in the past five years, I have come to realize how fabulous directing is.  The one drawback is that the butterflies don't leave until the curtain falls.  But it is a small price to pay, really.