They say you don't choose acting; acting chooses you.  I would gladly do anything else if I could.  Acting is hard, really hard, not just the work itself, but getting the work in the first place.  Still, there is nothing else on earth I would rather do.

However, there was a period in my life before acting meant so much to me.  It is hard to believe there was a time I would pass on an opportunity to act.  But I did.  When I was eight.  My school put on a musical version of The Hobbit, and I did not audition.  I didn't think to.  But I attended every rehearsal, watched everything in awe, knew the whole play inside out (I still remember the song "Thirteen Marching Dwarves"!).  I never made the mistake of not auditioning again.

Well, the next year I was cast as the Scarecrow in my school's production of The Wizard of Oz (an infinitely better show in my opinion).  It was the most exhilarating feeling, being on stage.  The bug had most definitely bitten.

The following year, on the suggestion of my parents, I auditioned for Claude Watson School for the Arts, was accepted, and at the tender age of 11, became a drama major.

I have been a drama major ever since.
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