I never really was interested in writing plays growing up.  I always wanted to write the next great novel, and have yet to complete the opus I started when I was 13, currently at some 130 pages, typed, single-spaced, but unfortunately not spell-checked.  However, I took playwriting in high school, so I sort of had to write a play, which is when I wrote Elementary My Good Man (or The Butler Did It).  My next play did not happen until my next playwriting class in my final year of University.  I had the great pleasure and honour of being taught by Djanet Sears and of  being a part of a class of not only talented writers, but damn fine people as well.  It was one of the highlights of my University career.  And after my play was finished and we read it in class, the response was so positive that I knew whatever was in my future, playwriting had to be a part of it.  I have since produced A Weekend in the Country - once in Toronto and once at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

And now as a special treat, I would like to present to you a scene, shortest work, entitled simply,
The Fitzgeralds and Penguin

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