Killer Kat  Productions was established in Toronto in 2003 when I wanted to put on my newly written play,  A Weekend in the Country.  Still a relatively young company, we have since produced the show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe to great success, and we brought Weekend to the 2007 Summerworks Theatre Festival.

Our aim is to put on shows that are above all things entertaining, but with quality of production and performance.  The important aim is to tell the story of the play, whatever it may be, with vision inspired by what is written on the page and not imposed onto the page.  Too many people feel a need to "say something" important, or be entirely original in their productions in an attempt to earn a place in the artistic hall of fame.  Too often the enjoyment and the comprehension by the audience is forgotten.  It is still possible to challenge an audience, but the audience must know that they are welcome - that this is a show that was put together for their benefit.  What I want most of all is for people to have fun.

Fun is good.
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