We took our production of A Weekend in the Country with an exciting new cast to the Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2004.  It was met with sold out houses and great reviews, and moreover the whole experience was a blast!
"Darling I need a weekend in the country!  I need some inspiration, I simply have to escape!  And I think you might need one too after seeing this play.  This is what the Fringe is all about, the cast are amongst you, they confront you, you are watching helplessly as the madness multiplies.  Adrienne Kress' play is Oscar Wilde and Socrates taking Scooby Doo for a walk!  The pace is frenetic, the delivery faultless.  The question is, how low will you go for high art?  The answer from this entirely fantastic cast comes by way of a haliarious, refreshing, riotous slap round the face.  In a society where everyone has a story to tell, this is a play you have to see."
        - Three Weeks
"You'll never want to carve another turkey, or invite a poet to stay.  Writer/Director Adrienne Kress has created a very dark comedy... it's skillfully done ... there is no escape from the obsessions and passions of your fellow guests."                 -Edinburgh Guide
"Razor sharp... this brave little play deserves a chance."
        -The List
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