An all-new original novel from the twisted world of the hit horror video game, Bendy!

Atlantic City, 1946. Bill, Constance and Brant can’t help but feel like they are missing out on life. Bill craves an existence outside of his father’s influence. Brant is willing to play a dangerous game to further his career and make a name for himself. Constance yearns for the freedom to be herself and do exactly what she loves. What these three teens don’t know is that their desires will lead them all to a dark secret. Something inky just came to town in the form of a curious machine and a visit from a man named Joey Drew. When mysterious ink stains begin permeating their lives, will these teens investigate and risk it all in the process? And what of the monster lurking in the shadows? Read and find out in this chilling sequel to Dreams Come to Life by Adrienne Kress!

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Some tweets of love for THE LOST ONES: 

@windu108: Hey @AdrienneKress I wanted to let you know that your new book is absolutely amazing. I had high expectation for this book and somehow they were exceeded. Thank you so much for the amazing reading experience and hope you have a great holiday season! :D

@LaraCGPeanha: @AdrienneKress 's BendyTLO lead me into a rabbit hole of self-reflection days after I read it- because of how the ink acts and how that was seen in the characters. If an artwork makes us stop and think about us and our world, that's when it's most impactful. And this book is.
@Doberart: I finished reading “The Lost Ones” this weekend. @AdrienneKress does a wonderful job with the characters and story, keeping you invested until the very end. There’s some interesting lore and a great continuation of the horror set in “Dreams Come to Life.” A good read. #BENDY
@CloverHoodYT: I havent finished @AdrienneKress's the lost ones yet but it is already not just the best written Bendy Novel, but one of the smartest video game tie in novels (if not the smartest!) I have had the pleasure of reading.  /1
  • @CloverHoodYT: It uses the setting and history of not just BATIM but the 1940s Atlantic City to their full potential as a work of horror and as a thematic work of literature. /2
  • @CloverHoodYT: While Dreams Come to Life and The Illusion of Living are amazing, they only reach their full potential for fans of the game. The Lost Ones, at least what I've read so far, is something a non gaming reader could go into blind, and still get a whole lot out of it. /3