Coming October 3, 2023!

Rose is excited to start her first real job, and at a television studio nonetheless! When she arrives at the office in Manhattan, she is immediately thrown into the chaos and meets a charming man named Joey Drew. He likes her spirit and hires her as the personal assistant on his new animated Bendy television show. Rose is thrilled by the opportunity to work with Joey, and on top of that, her family is selected to be one of his “test families.” Joey has some new technology that he is experimenting with, and it may have something to do with mysterious ink. He sends a pair of 3D glasses and a brand-new television to Rose’s home, and her brother can’t wait to try them out. But the glasses may just be a little too real . . . What happens when the line between imagination and reality starts to blur? And why does Rose keep seeing Bendy everywhere she goes?

Get ready for another chilling adventure from Adrienne Kress!

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